Weekly Wisdom – Don’t Trip Up!

Welcome back to the latest of Steve’s Weekly Wisdom videos.

This week, with lockdown restrictions gradually lifting, our thoughts focus on a return to normal life. We’re now able to go out for more than one bout of exercise a day; and of course, as the summery weather approaches, sunny walks and jogs become more and more appealing.

But one of the most annoying things to interrupt a stroll is a loose shoelace. Whether just a walk to the shops or out for a run, loose laces can really spoil the experience.

So this week, Steve shares with you a handy top tip for ensuring your shoelaces stay tied in place.

All you need is some damp tissue or cloth. Simply wet the shoelaces with the damp tissue before you re-tie them, making sure every part has been covered. Then, lace them back up as normal; as they dry, the material expands and holds the laces in place.

This simple hack is a great way to make sure you never have to deal with loose laces again – so you can enjoy the freedom of long walks and returning to normal life.

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