Beyond Buildings: Where Branding Meets Architecture

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Branding is about relationships. It’s about sparking relationships with consumers and customers, building trust and recognition. But before that, before the brand exits in the world, it’s about developing relationships with the client. It’s about understanding the company, the product and the offer.

Through our work on various residential, workspace and mixed-use development projects, we’ve discovered the importance of building strong relationships with all parties involved in a given project. With the residential and construction industries in particular, working closely with the architects and understanding the vision for the building is integral to the success of the brand.

Branding The Ray

As part of our recent work on The Ray, a new mixed-use development on Farringdon Road, we held discussions with AHMM architects, finding inspiration in the way they designed the building to welcome in natural light throughout the day. From there, we studied the architectural model of the building. We used the different shadows and light patterns as a starting point for our web designs.

As with The Ray, it’s often the case that the building’s brand is a celebration or extension of its architecture. The brand presence throughout the building needs to work hand in hand with the interior design and planning. Successful wayfinding, for example, relies on a close working relationship between the architects, the interior designers and the branding team.

We understand the importance of these relationships, and our extensive experience in the residential and construction industries has led us to work directly with a number of architectural practices. We’ve worked with a whole host of architectural firms in various different capacities; we’ve rebranded Michel Mossessian, Matthew Allchurch Architects and Stockwool, and developed printed literature for the likes of Assael Architects.

We are also excited to share our website for solid timber specialists, Eurban, which went live late last year. Take a look at the new Eurban website.

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