Motivational in Manchester: Steve Shares his Wisdom with Havas Lynx

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Earlier this month, Steve made the trip up to Manchester to give a talk at Havas Lynx, an award-winning healthcare communications agency with a worldwide reach. The Havas Lynx team invited him to share his branding expertise and creative wisdom as part of their internal training programme, LX Academy.

Steve was delighted to be back in Manchester, a city he feels a strong affinity with; not least because his father was born and raised in Salford.

The speech itself encompassed many compelling stories from Steve’s life. They ranged from early childhood, when he was diagnosed with dyslexia, to winning a young artist award as a teenager. He then went on to describe his time in the film industry, and how this led to him setting up his own design agency.

The speech’s overall theme was how creativity can open up life opportunities, a motivational message which resonated with the Havas Lynx team.

Afterwards, there was an opportunity for questions from the audience, and Steve loved talking with fellow creative thinkers. He also received some lovely feedback from the team:

Steve is such an interesting and unique character, just brilliant to listen to! You can’t help but feel engaged and amazed. It really did leave you feeling uplifted, with a mind to go out and do what you want.”

“Steve is an awesomely inspiring, truly creative, wacky genius. A true creative soul who inspires all around him, including the most stoic individual!”

“Steve was wonderful to listen to, and the session was fantastic, insightful and full of energy. Could listen to him talk for hours!”

If you would like Steve to come and speak at your event, please get in touch at

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