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Steve was delighted to be invited to give a talk at a Creative Future event in the sunny seaside city of Brighton recently. He had a great time speaking with a group of artists, writers and creatives.

Creative Future’s mission is to provide training, mentoring and the chance to publish or exhibit to talented people who lack opportunities due to mental health issues, disability, health, identity or other social circumstance. Their work is hugely important and represents a cause close to Steve’s heart.

The gift of dyslexia

Steve spoke about his own personal journey, relaying how “I’ve never read a book in my life – because I can’t” due to dyslexia, and explaining how this hasn’t held him back. Instead, he explained, it drove him to a career in branding, inspiring him to create “inspirational not informational” brands and content. He stated that people remember good stories, and a memorable logo or marque can tell a story in one glance.

One example of a good branding story involved Lock hats, one of our many heritage clients. While looking through their archives, Steve came across the company’s proudest possession: a letter from Goering. He wrote the letter at the height of the Blitz, ordering that the Lock hats building must be spared.

Obviously, Goering thought the Nazis were going to win the war, and wanted his favourite milliner’s shop left intact to fit him out for his new headgear afterwards! Not only is this an incredible story in itself, it also demonstrates the power of a strong brand; it raised a good laugh among Steve’s audience, too!

An inspiring life

Steve also spoke about other aspects of his life, from the early days with magic markers and glitter, when his Aunt Hazel would buy all his creations to give him pocket money, to attending a film premiere with Harrison Ford. It was an engaging and lively session, and we received some fantastic feedback afterwards. One attendee called it “captivating, and filled with laughter and inspiration”. Another praised Steve’s “zest for life”, and also described him as “a natural raconteur with a fascinating life”.

Steve loved meeting so many interesting fellow creatives and sent out signed limited-edition prints to them all!

Some of the artists he met have given their permission for us to share their profiles and work here:

Robyn Forman’s work deals with healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Charles Devus is an artist, writer, performer and musician.

Sarah Harris is a self-taught artist, photographer and craftsperson.

Mik Strevens is a digital artist and photographer.

Yvonne J Foster is a Brighton-based artist.

Julia Fry is a Brighton based artist, filmmaker, and coach.

If you’d like to invite Steve to speak at your event, please get in touch at

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