A Steve Edge Guide to Christmas 2020

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This year’s been hard, to say the least. There’s been untold uncertainty, not just for businesses, but for the future of the world as we know it.

So as the days get shorter, the air gets crisper, and we near the end of what’s been a tough and turbulent 2020, the upcoming festive season is going to be, let’s say, slightly different this year. For many of us, it’ll be a smaller affair. Drinks with friends, office parties, and catch-ups with the extended family might have to move online, as might a lot of our Christmas shopping.

A Steve Edge Guide to Christmas 2020 | Journal | Steve Edge Design

Though this will of course be upsetting and frustrating for some, it presents us all with a chance to reflect on why this time of year is so important to us, on what made it meaningful in the first place. We’re not talking about splashing out on endless gifts, food and decorations. We’re talking about the time Christmas affords us to pause and take stock, to reconnect with ourselves and the ones we love. And perhaps this year, of all years, is an opportunity to really recognise this.

One of the most enduring ways in which we connect with ourselves and those around us is through the act of creating. Whether it’s turning our hands to baking, designing our own decorations, or crafting our own crackers, perhaps this Christmas is the time not only to be buyers and consumers, but also to be makers and do-ers, designers and inventors.

And Steve’s on hand to help. In the lead up to Christmas, we’ll be sharing a series of weekly wisdom videos, in which Steve will teach you how to make stars to top your trees, baubles to hang from the branches, and crackers to pull around the dinner table. What’s more, you’ll probably have most of the materials lying around the house already (especially handy when many of us are keeping an eye on the purse strings!).

So let’s all get out the card, scissors, glitter and glue, and come together – virtually or in person – to make and create, to cut and paste, to get back to basics and really remind ourselves why this time of year means so much.

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