A Life with Dyslexia: Spreading the Word

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Steve recently appeared as guest speaker at the annual Derby Luncheon run by Interact Group. Speaking on a life spent with dyslexia, Steve inspired a diverse audience of industry professionals with his personal story, telling of how his dyslexia has helped him get to where he is today in the creative world.

The event raised over £1500 for Steve’s chosen charity, the Dyslexia Institute, and helped break down the stigmas surrounding dyslexia, emphasising how it isn’t the hindrance it’s often perceived to be; it’s simply a different way of seeing the world and expressing yourself. For Steve, enjoying this unique perspective on the world has helped him thrive in an industry that runs on new perspectives and original forms of expression.

Steve Oliver, who chaired the luncheon, shared the following comment after the event: “Steve never fails to impress and inspire. He speaks with relentless passion, and his incredible story encourages everyone to rethink dyslexia and see it as the gift and opportunity that it is.”

Steve is pictured here alongside event chair, Steve Oliver (right); Interact National Secretary, Gina Oliver (middle); and Interact National President, Simon Parker (left).

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