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We’re delighted to be working on Anaconda Cut, Atlas Residential’s unique new Build to Rent development in Salford.

On the banks of the River Irwell, and just a stone’s throw from Manchester city centre, Anaconda Cut comprises 249 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments across 44 floors. The development is pet friendly and boasts a sky lounge, underground parking, and free gym and yoga studio.

We provided a comprehensive package of branding services including name generation, logo and brochure design, web design and build, and SEO, PPC and social media management.

The name

From the start, we knew we had to come up with something spectacular, something that would really stand out. The tallest building in Salford, with a distinctive green gold exterior that shimmers as it catches the sunlight, it stood out proudly against the city skyline. We needed a name that could capture this, and live up to the building’s visual magnificence.

Drawing on the heritage of the area, our research uncovered a little-known piece of history with a striking name.

We learned about an innovative engineering project involving the River Irwell, whose winding appearance gave it the appearance of a large snake, or anaconda. Engineers cut into the riverbank, straightening out a sharp elbow which had been causing severe flooding since 1946. They named this ambitious project the Anaconda Cut.

This combination of historic and geographical significance alongside the powerful mysticism of the anaconda as a creature proved irresistible; we knew we’d got the perfect name!

The website

We designed and built a website with a focus on lead generation. With plenty of imagery and integrated social feeds, the site serves as a living digital brochure, constantly evolving with the latest news and social posts.

Through industry research and analysis, we considered various goal paths. We knew that some visitors want to access information quickly and be able to register immediately. So, for these users, we built a brochure download form above the fold on the homepage. Other users, meanwhile, prefer to do their own research, analysing and comparing availability. These users tend to have a higher conversion rate and prefer to be taken through a series of pages.

Our research also revealed that mobile has surpassed desktop within this sector, compared to recent years, when mobile lagged behind. We observed that 65% of visitors were on mobile, and were delighted to see similarly high conversion rates across the two; 6% on mobile and 7% on desktop.

We also worked on the Anaconda Cut website’s SEO. As a new brand with a new name, we worked especially hard to get the site to the top of Google’s search results as quickly as possible. This was particularly important because, over the life cycle of a development, the development name often generates the most leads in the first three months. Carefully researched blog posts also boosted SEO, covering everything from moving to Manchester to pet friendly apartments.

Furthermore, we ran location-specific Google Ad campaigns targeting a range of search terms. We also built bespoke landing pages corresponding to the specific campaigns. We saw some fantastic results, with over half of all conversions in the first month resulting from paid search.

With ongoing analysis and management, we’re looking forward to taking Anaconda Cut from strength to strength.

Visit Anaconda Cut’s website.

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