Steve Named Brand Ambassador for Adventure Experts Pelorus

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Steve is hugely proud to have been made brand ambassador for Pelorus, a new London-based experiential travel and adventure company.

We named and branded Pelorus last year. And since then, the company has really spread its wings, telling the world about everything it has to offer. Its services span extreme alpine sports, bespoke safari trips, and yacht expeditions to unexplored corners of the ocean.

No stranger to action, adventure and the outdoors, Steve was a clear candidate for the brand ambassador role. His lengthy CV of expeditions includes a fishing trip to India in pursuit of the elusive Golden Mahseer fish; an appearance as Honorary Eagle Dancer at a Native American tribal ceremony; and a daring excursion up the icy rivers of Northern Russia.

Run by a team of seasoned explorers, Pelorus really is the best option for anyone wanting to explore the unexplored and also seeking to push the boundaries of adventure travel. Whether riding horses through the Australian outback or drinking Pina Coladas atop Mount Everest, Pelorus is the company for you!

Take a look at the Pelorus website.

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