Weekly Wisdom – It’s A Trick!

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Welcome to the latest from Steve’s Weekly Wisdoms – we hope you’re all staying safe.

This week’s video is all about keeping your home clean and tidy.

So, you’ve just swept the floor. You’ve got all the debris together in one spot – but you can’t find the dustpan and brush.

Fortunately, you don’t actually need a dustpan and brush. What you do need is a newspaper.

Now, you might think this is going to be an obvious one; after all, everyone knows that putting newspaper down is a good way to catch dirt on the floor.

But what happens when you sweep the dirt onto loose newspaper? Well, often the paper shifts, scattering the dirt under the newspaper.

However, there is a way to avoid this. That’s where this week’s video comes in.

The trick is this: When you put down your newspaper, simply wet the long edge of the page. This keeps the newspaper stuck to the floor. Then, when you sweep the dirt onto the newspaper, it stays put, making it quick and easy to clear up any spillages and breakages so you can put them safely in the bin.

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