Building Winning Brands in Tough Times

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Your brand is the most important investment you will make as a business. A brand transcends the physical components of colours, logos, and fonts; it creates and conveys the first impression of your business. It becomes an instantly recognisable signifier of what you stand for and what you offer. A strong brand will be consistent and concise, with clear messaging and a confident tone of voice.

A strong brand can take you from strength to strength in the good times. But it really comes into its own when trading conditions become more difficult. When businesses and individuals alike are hedging their bets and tightening their belts during economic downturns, it’s the company with the powerful brand that can weather the storm and retain the confidence of its customers.

Then, when the economy once again enters a period of growth, and business is booming, brands that proved themselves durable and successful during the downturn will be in an even stronger position.

Ahead of the latest turbulence – of course, we’re talking about Brexit – it’s important to keep your brand in top condition.

Take the time to evaluate the current state of your brand, its strengths and potential weaknesses. And, if necessary, consider a rebrand.

This is where we come into our own. From a refreshed logo or updated website to a complete overhaul, we will, through a process of consultation, workshopping, and research, tease out what your brand needs to be the best it can be.

As Steve puts it:

“this is really perfect timing to rebrand. Because, with Brexit looming, everyone needs to get their ducks in a row so that when it happens – or doesn’t happen – companies are ready. They need to ensure they have that competitive advantage of a powerful brand. Business will be booming again and it’s crucial to prepare for that”.

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