Hot off the Press – We’re Entering the Land of PR!

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After all these years, we’re excited to announce that it’s finally happening: the launch of a brand new PR department within our existing offering.

Adding PR to our services is something that Steve has always had in the back of his mind. And in the light of the current global situation, where we should all step up rather than down, now feels like the perfect time to do it. After all, we’re a team of big believers. Who love to challenge and reinvent ourselves, so why not now?

Making it happen

It’s important to know that this launch is far from a spontaneous quick fix to make ourselves more interesting. Okay yes, it might be a strategic move. But it has also been in the works for a very long time. It’s a natural and organic step for us to take because of two main things: One is that Steve is passionate about building connections. The other is that branding loves PR just like PR loves branding.

Now that is something that’s become very clear to Steve over the course of his many years in the industry. The two seem to cross over more often than not, with clients hiring you to do one, while also asking you to tap into the other. And it makes perfect sense! If clients have a strong relationship with one agency to create or develop their brand, why should they find a second one to do all the shouting? By only offering one, you’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot. Well, we decided we don’t want to be those guys.

All in all, we believe that PR is hugely important. And we feel proud to now have that service available within our four walls. So if you need to get your business out there or know of someone who does, get in touch – you’ve come to the right place.

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