‘He wore blue velvet…’ Steve brings back the velvet suit

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It’s often thought that men’s fashion came into its own during the Georgian period. It was around this time that the likes of Beau Brummel pioneered the latest trends; this in turn encouraged gentlemen to take great pride in their appearance.

One of the materials which found prominence at the time was velvet, a soft woven fabric offering great insulation; this was a highly appealing feature in the 18th century, given the lack of central heating.

While most materials degrade as they age, velvet is known for its longevity, gaining character the more it’s worn. Over the years, it has woven its way into all corners of pop culture, inspiring the 1951 hit song Blue Velvet, which then triggered David Lynch’s film of the same name. The material also needled its way into the food industry, influencing the popular Red Velvet cake, which got its name on account of its smooth velvety texture.

This far-reaching influence hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Steve Edge wardrobe. Honouring the Beau Brummel tradition, Steve owns a diverse selection of velvet suits, spanning purples, greens, blacks and blues. Each and every one is made by Steve’s close friend and trusted tailor, Oliver Benjamin. You can find Oliver’s store on Bride Lane, just off Fleet Street.

With winter at its peak, Steve is currently keeping toasty in blue velvet, giving the legendary garb the representation it deserves out on the streets of London.

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