Three Taps to Buy: Speed and Efficiency in Mcommerce

Across the world, over 1.2 billion people access the internet from their smartphones. To put the figure in context, that’s four times the population of the United States. That’s a lot of people who will notice if your online shop isn’t optimised for mobile.

Already, mobile shopping – or mcommerce, a subcategory of ecommerce – is on the rise. Soon, mcommerce will dominate online sales. Experts predict that by 2021, it will account for 54% of all transactions.

Social media and mcommerce

There are several reasons for this, but mostly it comes down to social media driving traffic. As a design agency, we know the importance of this. Especially since recent research found that a massive 55% of consumers have bought a product after seeing it on social, and the introduction of shoppable posts on Instagram, where customers can check out within the app instead of being sent to the retailer’s website to complete their purchase, has only strengthened the relationship between social and mcommerce.

Single page checkouts have also enhanced the mcommerce experience, enabling customers to pay faster; coupled with autofill technology using payment information stored with providers like PayPal and Apple Pay, the shopping process has never been smoother.

After all, as Steve points out, when it comes to making a purchase,

“who the fuck wants to fill out a long form?”

PayPal Express generated a


transaction value increase

In fact, research shows that offering the PayPal Express option at checkout can significantly increase sales. A recent study found a 44% increase in conversions compared to merchants who didn’t use PayPal Express, as well as a 2.7% increase in transaction value.

Three clicks to buy

And as mcommerce becomes the norm, users are going to be more discerning about exactly which sites they use; 73% of consumers already say they will switch from a poorly-designed mobile site to one that makes the purchase process easier, while the average cart abandonment rate for online shoppers stands at a massive 68.63%.

While potentially daunting for an online retailer, for web designers and developers these stats provide an appealing challenge.

“The trick is to make the purchase process as quick, easy and reliable as possible,” our Digital Director, David Freshwater, explains.

That’s where we come in.

With the right UX design, customers can progress from homepage to successful purchase in just three taps; this eliminates all those awkward in-between steps that so often lead to users abandoning their cart and leaving your site. And, of course, losing you a valuable sale.

Customers who arrive on your homepage are taken through to product pages via strategic design elements including conveniently placed CTA buttons and additional incentives such as free shipping. Then, they quickly reach the checkout page, optimised to enable them to complete their purchase in one easy tap. 

Up to


of buyers bought something they saw on social

Implementing this three-stage process removes many of the barriers that stop site visitors becoming customers; in turn, this increases your site’s conversion rate and strengthens your overall brand identity.

As Steve says, “the Premiership is won by one point”.

So your three-tap mcommerce strategy could be that final point that sets you ahead of your competitors.

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