Steve Edge

Steve knows it better than most. At the heart of any strong brand is a strong story.


Like all of us at SED, our founder Steve understands the power of a strong story. And he knows better than most that a good story is all about how you tell it. It’s about how you express it to your audience.

Diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, Steve was never able to read, write or express himself in the same way others could. Which meant he always found new and original ways of getting his ideas across. Chiefly through drawing and design.

This led to a National Young Artist of the Year award at 15, followed by a role in the art department for such films as Star Wars and Raiders of The Lost Ark in the early ‘80s. By ‘85, Steve was working for the likes of Fortnum & Mason, Cartier and Skanska. Soon enough, he decided to set up his own design business, laying the foundations for the agency we are today.

For the past thirty years he’s been telling compelling stories. Both for the brands we work with, and as a speaker in front of international audiences. He’s spoken at DO lectures, TED talks and Canada’s Design Thinkers events, exploring topics like the relationship between creativity and dyslexia, and the importance of thinking laterally
not literally.

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