Steve Edge

Steve Edge is a branding guru. A designer, jockey, fisherman and honorary eagle dancer of a north american indian tribe.

Whether it’s a website for a rubber grommet factory or brand direction for the world’s oldest jewellery house, Steve’s passion for delivering inspirational stories is the same as it was when he founded the agency over 30 years ago.

Steve Edge
"Dress for a party every day and the party will come to you."
Love you NHS
Sun was shining this morning, so I thought it was birkey time. Think I was wrong!! @birkenstock #valentino

Outer Thinking Division

Our society is picking up pace each and every day. Technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate; apps, streaming services and social media sites are revolutionising the way we go about our day-to-day lives, and ongoing developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality are poised to blow everything out of the water.

These advancements aren’t just driven by radical ideas. They demand pioneering thought when it comes to the ways in which we as a society should respond to, implement and make the most of new and emerging technologies.

With this in mind, Steve Edge has set up the Outer Thinking Division. Heading round table discussions to promote big thinking on our near and distant future, Steve is exploring how boundary-breaking ideas and emerging technologies can benefit society not just over the next 100 years but over the next 1000 years.

Welcome to the Cutting Edge.