Tandon Hildebrand
Tandon Hildebrand

Before us,
there is you.

Tandon Hildebrand

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Tandon Hildebrand is a legal and business advisory with a difference. Set up by Tania Tandon and Richard Hildebrand, who share over 45 years industry experience, the firm is shaking things up in the world of business law.
We came up with the line: “Before us, there is you”. This line captured the warmth and humanity at the heart of Tandon Hildebrand’s vision, setting the tone for the rest of the brand identity. The logo offered a visual interpretation of this line, creating a blank space to represent the different people and companies Tandon Hildebrand work with,  from clients and partners to friends and collaborators.
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Unimpressed with the impersonal approach adopted by the rest of the sector, Tandon Hildebrand is injecting some humanity back into the industry, promoting conversation and collaboration between their people, their clients, as well as friends, business partners and industry experts, creating something valuable across the board.

Inspired by this attitude, we set out to build a brand that would truly stand apart from everything else in the industry. We began by thinking about their people-based approach, about how they put their clients first, about how they understand that their whole business is founded on relationships, conversations, and engagement.


  • Max Hermansson
  • Alberto Restifo
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Having established a strong, clean identity with a bold colour palette, we began work on the website. Maintaining the disruptive approach, we created a stripped back, easy-to-navigate website with minimal copy and beautiful photography of Swedish landscapes, linking the company back to Tania Tandon’s Swedish roots and the client base they maintain in Scandinavia.
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