Re-defining your everyday reality


When Magic Lines came to us they were looking for help in bringing their incredible story to life. Born out of personal experience and a true passion project it was a brief we were delighted to be involved with. Their ground-breaking software is designed to help people with Parkinsons gain back control of their lives by allowing them to walk freely around their own homes. It does this by projecting lines onto the floor in front of them, using a special headset. This allows the user to balance and focus on their destination without the fear of falling and injuring themselves.

Our first task was to establish a new name for the company and software, Magic Lines had issues with ownership and perception so we needed to start again. After a team workshop we settled on strolll. The sentiment was simple, referencing the end goal of a care free walk for the user with the extra ā€˜lā€™ being a graphic nod to the projected lines as well as adding greater ownership to the name. From there we created a brand identity that helped communicate the story.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
We created an adaptive visual language that could grow and expand using the three lines as points on a journey helping to communicate the different benefits of the software. Building on the three ā€˜lā€™s of the name we developed the use of 3 colour blocks in both digital and print applications.