The History of Branding in a Matter of Minutes

Creative Talking
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5000 years of branding in 20 slides and 7 minutes. That was the challenge Steve set himself at Wednesday night’s PechaKucha event at Marazzi in Clerkenwell. Hosted by Assael Architecture, the event included presentations by four speakers, who each had to present in the PechaKucha style. This format allows the speaker 20 slides, and 20 seconds per slide, to talk through their chosen topic.

Created to avoid lengthy, wordy presentations, the format encourages people to cut out any superfluous information. It also aims to reduce ideas to their purest form. This resonated with Steve, who was honoured to have been asked to speak at the event. He entitled his talk ‘Designing longevity in the age of impermanence’.

Tracking the evolution of the brand from stone age times right up until the present day, Steve gave the audience a crash course in the history of branding. And he finished by imparting one of his most pertinent creative mantras: to be inspirational not informational.

Steve thoroughly enjoyed the evening. And furthermore, he successfully condensed 5000 years of branding into his allocated 7 minutes, which is no mean feat!

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