National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS)

Creative Talking
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Steve always loves going to Manchester, he thinks it’s one of the friendliest cities in the world, so to be invited there to talk to a creative audience for the National Advertising Benevolent Society, Steve felt like he’d won the lottery!

It was a great crowd and the evening was filled with creative language, people pissing themselves laughing and even catching a naked woman getting changed in the hotel! All in all, it was another successful trip up North!

Tweets from the talk:

bjlgroup said  “We really enjoyed having visit BJL for a talk on Monday: the ideas simply leapt out of him!”

nickyunsworth said “Presentation from in support of . Riveting, inspiring and VERY funny! Thanks Steve”

livdeer  said “Absolutely brilliant talk by for this evening. Thank you for the inspiration x”

racelema said EdgeDesignLtd Steve Edge, what a legend and inspiration! Everyone should have a story to tell!”

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