Steve Edge’s London

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Last month, the Estate Gazette approached Steve and asked to disclose his favourite London haunt.

Branded as one of the best-known figures in London, Steve expressed his love for Trafalgar Square. This comes after having the singular opportunity to stand on top of Nelson’s Column where Britain’s iconic past stood beside its iconic present.

Among the pool of creative and real estate visionaries chosen to contribute is the influential Sir Terence Conran. His choice – Battersea Power Station – plants him on the South side of the River, 2.6 miles away from Steve’s North-side location; but they’ve met half way, on the opening spread of the Autumn edition of EG’S London Investor Guide. We couldn’t be more proud!

‘A few years ago, I stood beside Nelson on top of his column and saw Trafalgar Square from his eyes. Looking down, I admired the things that on ground level pass us by and realised that it’s the congested streets brimming with honking cars, the buskers shielded by mesmerized onlookers and the hundreds of people babbling in a myriad of languages that comprise the true symphony of London.

Below me in that instance I saw a kaleidoscope of history and culture and it thrilled me to think of the future of Trafalgar Square, a microcosm of the greatest city in the world.’ – Steve Edge

Take a look at the Estate Gazette Supplement.

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