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Gateley are a firm who have earned their stripes in the legal industry, building a leading name and revered reputation. They know what they want and they’re not afraid to go out and get it. It was our job to encapsulate this dynamic, driven and forward-thinking approach with a new brand. We worked with their team to help draw out the strengths and passions that underpin their offering.

Gateley | Steve Edge Design

We delivered a clear messaging framework that drew on the no nonsense, clear advice upon which Gateley are founded. We also developed a simple graphic formula for the brand hierarchy introducing the ‘cutting edge’ as a device to help build consistency across the group.

The bold use of typography and the confident use of yellow supported the brands new direction of clear, confident, bright advice and helped really stand the firm apart from the competition.

Gateley | Steve Edge Design
Gateley | Steve Edge Design
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