Net Zero, Let's Go.

The Challenge

We were approached by the Imtech Group to help them with a rebrand project that would see the Imtech group of companies, including the recently acquired SPIE UK come together as Dalkia in the UK.

As part of the global EDF group, Dalkia in the UK would assume much of the EDF brand framework but would also need to find its own story, one that could harness the legacies of the 5 companies but most importantly capture their united vision for the future.

5 Logos | Dalkia | Steve Edge Design
5 Logos | Dalkia | Steve Edge Design


Working alongside the team at Mazars we took part in a series of focus groups exploring both the opportunities and challenges that the new merger might present and also looking at the group purpose. Each session brought together a cross section of people from across the group which was essential to help us establish a holistic view.

Dalkia Workshop | Steve Edge Design

We took the teams through a series of questions to help build an authentic picture around purpose. Initially we focused on them, looking to establish what drives them what do they love about their job and what gives them the most pride. We then moved on to the clients talking about what they do best and what value it brings the clients. Finally we looked at the bigger picture considering the end user and the world at large; what value do we bring to the world? What difference can our new group bring?

What came through loud and clear was a real passion to help every environment they work on become fit for the future.

Dalkia Workshop | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Workshop | Steve Edge Design

Brand Platform

With five different companies coming together establishing a unified brand platform was an essential starting point. Each company had a different set of firmly held values so we set about establishing the common ground and crafting new values for the group.

People first –
It starts with health, safety & wellbeing

People come first. Always. We prioritise safety in everything we do, taking a proactive approach that ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of our everyone we interact with.

We are all committed to making sure each and every one of us goes home safe, every day. We have a strong safety culture that respects personal safety and we look out for each other. We never take risks to save time or effort.

Trusted partners –
Dedicated to our clients’ success

Everything we do is in service to our clients and their customers. We continuously find new and better ways of working to help our clients overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We partner with our clients and are committed to realise their ambitions and deliver solutions to meet their needs. We are upfront, honest and act with integrity. By staying curious and pushing ourselves to find new and better ways of doing things, we’re constantly innovating, creating quality and adding value for our clients at every stage.

Better together –
A collaborative team

Together we collaborate with clients, supply chain and the communities around us, sharing our unrivalled collective knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact on the world around us. Ours is a culture of inclusion and solidarity. We achieve more together.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our people, experience and expertise – together we’re capable of great things. We share knowledge, collectively learning and evolving our services to provide better solutions. We’ve created a culture of solidarity, transparency and inclusion where everyone can be themselves and speak freely.

Taking responsibility –
Making a positive difference

To protect the future, we need to act today. We take our responsibility seriously and we play our part. That’s why we are designing and delivering technical solutions to help the UK achieve net zero by 2050 and continuously reducing our own carbon footprint.

There’s no hiding from climate change – it’s here. And if we’re serious about tomorrow, we must face up to our responsibility and act against global warming today. That’s why our people are dedicated to designing and delivering technical services and solutions to help make a positive difference. We’re creating a legacy we can be proud of, a better society for future generations.

Visual Identity

For the new visual identity we needed to work with the EDF graphic framework but also find a way of bringing their own unique story through. With Net Zero acting as a golden thread running throughout the brand we developed ‘the rings’ a dynamic graphic device to help capture this. The rings symbolised the Net Zero focus as well as the new group unity.

We developed the rings to work both in 2D and 3D and across both print and digital.

Dalkia Brochure Design | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Brochure Design | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Social Media | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Social Media | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Sectors | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Banners | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Photography | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Marketing Materials | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Stationary Design | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Event Signage | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Box | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Template Design | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Photography | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Interactive Presentation | Steve Edge Design
Dalkia Photography | Steve Edge Design

Brand Launch

A key milestone for the projects delivery was a leadership conference being held in Lille where the new brand would be unveiled. We supported by producing a brand launch video and branded materials.

Dalkia Launch Presentation | Steve Edge Design


With the new brand established we began work on the group website. We started by holding focus groups with each business division establishing what they would want to carry through from their current sites and what aspirations they had for the new one.

Dalkia Website Design | Steve Edge Design

A key challenge from the outset was making sure that we deliver a truly sustainable digital platform. we sourced a 100% green energy data centre for hosting and applied rigorous design rules throughout the UI phase limiting image usage and data heavy components.

For the build we used React which helped simplify the coding architecture helping reduce energy consumption.

The final result is a site that captures the new vision of the group and allowing quick and efficient navigation around their significant service offering.


GTmetrix Grade
GTmetrix Performance
GTmetrix Structure

The last challenge was establishing a redirect strategy for the seamless transition from the five sites in to the new URL.

We managed the collation of every link from the existing sites and repointed them to the relevant pages on the new site ensuring a strong SEO performance and a seamless user experience.

Dalkia Tag Line | Net Zero Let's Go

“The Dalkia rebranding has landed very well amongst our staff and our clients, the Steve Edge Design team brilliantly captured our culture and vision and converted it into our new Dalkia story and visual identity.”

Benjamin Lemaitre
Group Strategy Director – Dalkia UK





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