The Demise of the Sock

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    April 2nd, 2018 at 8:31 am

    We will be wearing socks by then, thinner but more efficient; heating in winter, cooling in summer with a lot of sensors to monitor our health and activity. A better world.

    “Climate Change due tu humans”, “Golobal Warming due to humans” are another ones scams, frauds, deceits by the dirty, rotten, scoundrels from the int’l socialist in orther to steal more than $100.000 million/yr of our own money we pay from our taxes, that will be robbed from susidies, grants and aids provided by the multilateral organizations, that will go directly to the Al Gore-Obama worldwide network of interests pockets as consultancy services, few will reach what they said were intended for.

    They have already prepared the next round of socialist worldwide level scam for when the current “tit has dried”, “the lack of potable water in the world due to humans”.

    Do you remember the previos worldwide int’l socialist scams, don’t you? (from younger to older): “The Global Warming”, “The A-Virus”, “The Avian Flu”, “The MGOs”, “The Demographic Explosion”, “The Y2K” or “Y2000”, “The Ozone Layer”, “No Nuclear Power Stations”, “The New Ice Age”,…

    Have a nice spring and enjoy life.

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