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Yoyo Wallet recently approached us to create a new brand identity for their mobile payment app.

Founded on the principle that people don’t have a problem with traditional payment methods so there is no need to solve it, Yoyo instead focuses on enriching the transaction between customer and retailer, creating a valuable asset for both parties.

Working with the Yoyo team we wanted to create a new brand that would stand out. It needed to set them apart from the increasing numbers of other mobile payment solutions entering the market. First and foresmost, we created an icon which would stand up as a marque of trust when seen; we also implemented a bold colour palette to support the playful nature of the name and company.

Then, we designed and built their new website, creating a bold, simple user experience to showcase their product and ethos. We optimised the site to work across all platforms; most importantly, we designed the customer journey to allow downloading the app to be as easy as possible.

Yoyo are now rolling out at universities all over the country, as well as at a number of large UK head offices. It’s been an exciting journey watching as the company, and the brand, unfolds.

Visit yoyowallet.com

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