Yarn Bombings to Yarn Columns

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We’ve just embarked on our annual journey through the coldest months of the year. But while temperatures are plummeting outside, inside our studio is just about to get warmer!

Last year, Steve was awestruck when he came across a revolutionary street art form: yarn bombing, at the Glasgow School of Art. It showed us that knitting is no longer just associated with old biddies and scarves buried deep in our wardrobes. It’s old-school turned trendy, it’s granny-chic.

Everyone knows Steve has an extensive friend list. So it wasn’t surprising when he told us about ­­­­Vivian, a yarn extraordinaire. She has created two beautifully bespoke yarn wraps for our studio columns to keep them, and us, cosy this winter. They’re wonderfully unique showcasing a variety of knitting styles and colours and held together by kooky buttons. One of the columns is ‘male’ and the other is ‘female’; you can tell the difference by which way the yarn buttons up!

It goes without saying that they fit perfectly in our studio alongside quirky ceiling mobiles, eccentric wall art and a sparkling Steve Edge.

We couldn’t be happier with what ­­Vivian has produced for us so step out from the cold, step in and have a feel because baby, it’s hot inside!

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