Trakker Goes Multilingual

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After designing and building Trakker’s highly successful new website a couple of years ago, we’re really pleased to help get the site rolled out in France, Germany, Poland and Italy.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of carp fishing equipment, Trakker wanted to expand their linguistic reach and make their site as user friendly as possible for their wide range of customers. We built the new language translations into the existing Content Management System, and added a language-selection widget to the website menu. From there, we tailored the Search Engine Optimisation strategy according to the country, greatly improving Trakker’s search engine ranking in the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Italy.

The additional language options were launched in line with their Autumn / Winter 2017 collection, which was promoted through a widespread social media campaign, receiving a great response. The analytics showed how web visits shot up following the launch, with an unprecedented number of visitors across Europe.

Take a look at the Trakker website.

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