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We have recently worked with development management consultancy Lead Manage to evolve its brand. We rebranded Lead Manage to become Opera. As a company they position themselves first and foremost as a people business, so wanted to harness this in the new identity we helped create.

The word ‘Opera’ links to an orchestra and the conductor who functions to ensure each member plays harmoniously together so we used the image of a repeated baton in the marque to signify this and its movement as it conducts. The marque also represents an eye symbolising Opera’s vision and their ability to oversee projects. This bold, strong identity is further reflected in Opera’s black and red palette.

As well as revolutionising their brand, we also designed and built Opera’s new website. Fully responsive, it seamlessly reacts to various screen sizes. It is due to feature a client login soon, allowing clients a more personal experience when interacting with the site. Having spoken to the team at Opera, they have received extremely positive feedback on their new brand and website and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of their transformation!

Visit the Opera website.

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