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Pick up your copy of London Investor Guide this week, and see Steve, in all his glory, bookending the magazine.

In the feature article written by Emily Wright, Steve chats about many things. He discusses his eccentric dress sense, the establishment of his legacy, and also how the world of branding buildings is evolving. Steve has always been a fan of stories; you only have to hear him enthusiastically telling the ones he’s been a part of to realise that the word ‘boring’ is not part of Steve’s vocabulary – not now, not ever.

According to Steve, we need to apply stories to buildings too; it’s the name, the vibe and the personality that will be the making, or breaking, of a building. And without a good story cementing them together, their foundations will be precarious. He uses Argent’s R7 building in King’s Cross – which we recently worked on – to illustrate the power of the brand.

Touching on various moments in Steve’s life – from being a young boy surrounded by zoo animals in a cramped East London home, to serendipitously finding himself a stunt double in a Steven Spielberg classic, to later becoming the founder and director of a successful Branding Agency in fashionable Shoreditch – it’s the stories that tie them all together. And it’s the stories that have positioned Steve as a vibrant, exciting force within the property industry.

Read the article in London Investor Guide.

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