Steve Edge – Creative Ambassador of the British brand Orro Bikes

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Steve is unbelievably proud to have been made Creative Ambassador of the British brand, Orro Bikes. After much consideration, there was only one name on Orro’s lips when they thought of Creativity & Design. They heralded Steve as the ‘best creative in Europe’ and his track record is hard to contend with. Over the years, Steve has looked after some of the oldest, most celebrated British brands such as Lock Hats, Purdey Guns and Rules Restaurant but it is an unprecedented honour to work alongside this new brand which will, no doubt, evolve into another of Britain’s greats.

Luxury and performance

Orro’s decision to elect Steve as Ambassador stemmed from their desire to demonstrate that they not only value design but that their bikes can appeal to an eclectic mix of people – including those outside of the immediate bike-loving market. All their products showcase luxury and performance and can be enjoyed by casual and serious riders alike. Orro have specifically set out to design stylish products. Customers can customise their bike colour, either selecting one from a designer palette or by opting for a bespoke one. They want to make bikes that riders will be proud of – one that will bring a smile to their face.

The Orro brand began its journey at the foot of Ditchling Beacon in the very heart of Sussex. It’s here that owners Ian Wilson and Paul Butler call home. And it’s here that the mythical bird, the Martlet, can be spotted on the county’s crest. On each bike, a marque depicting the Marlet bird can be found; a nod towards the heritage of the brand. It goes without saying that Sussex is an integral part of Orro’s identity, it’s in its DNA – all bikes are hand built there, and the Sussex Downs are a perfect place to test the finished products. It’s not surprising that it’s in the heart of the county that Orro bikes are created; after all, passion and success always stems from the heart.

Form and design

Orro’s products are made with passion. Beautiful in both form and design, riding an Orro bike is an amazing experience. And Steve is lucky enough to have had a Terra Flat Bar model customised for him. They have even mounted a pannier on the back of the bike so he can store his climbing gear and fishing kit! Steve has always admired the best in automotive design and if you know him, you’ll know his love for cars. Now, Steve has another incredible product to keep safe in his garage: an Orro bike – innovative, stylish, performance led and quality driven.

The Orro Group wants to be the centre of excellence for cycling in the UK. June 2017 is the date of their next big cycling show, so if you haven’t got your Orro bike already, be sure to get it before then!

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