Presentation is the Key to Success

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We have created a beautiful limited-edition print expressing one of Steve’s most meaningful mantras: presentation is the key to success. Steve also loves fishing, and has been an avid fisher since he was a young boy.

So we designed the poster to resemble a panoramic fish tank, to mimic looking directly into an aquarium. The tranquil, sea-blue background works in harmony with the gorgeously glitzy foiled fishes on the foreground. The lures on the print are based on those made by the great Swedish brand ABU. These are imitations of the fish fry and shrimps used to attract the fish who believe it’s food. The point being that it is instinct – for fish and humans alike – to get our teeth into the colourful, the shiny and the well-presented.

The print required a specialised printing process; we used seven fluoro pantone colours and five foils, and the design needed eleven separate passes through the printing press in order to reach the stunning finished look.

An important message

Steve knows his fair share about the importance of presentation. It trickles into everything – from relationships to friendships to corporations – and its power rests in the way people approach it. All individuals have the capability to present themselves successfully; it’s just a question of what works best for you.

At the end of the day, successful presentation is about happiness – about evoking it, eliciting it, releasing it so that it can be felt and understood by everyone. Steve wanted to make a poster visualising this in an uplifting, smile-inducing way because fun never destroys anything!

We are so pleased with what we’ve produced, and thrilled to see images from those who have received prints, one of whom has hung the poster in their child’s nursery.

We hope the power of the message behind the design will resonate with individuals and corporations around the world.

Want to get your hands on a Presentation is the Key to Success poster? It will soon be available to purchase from our shop.

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