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I recently took part in a live panel discussion at the New Homes Live property event. The panel raised some really interesting questions about the future of renting, buying and designing property.

We touched on some really key issues, so I thought I’d share some of the topics discussed.

Of course, there are the more obvious issues regarding steep house prices and increased rent. But the fact that we’re living in an increasingly modern society means ideas of space itself change and evolve rapidly. Technological innovations, such as iPods and Kindles, are replacing old school music libraries and bookshelves; this in turn reduces the baggage renters and buyers are entering into properties with. But this is becoming increasingly ironic, as trendy Hoxton Hipsters have begun trawling through thrift shops in a self-conscious attempt to bring back vinyl! So maybe we’ll need to re-evaluate this question of space…

30 years of Shoreditch

Having lived in the heart of Shoreditch for over 30 years, I’ve watched the area turn into a premier destination for food, drink and shopping. And as Britain increasingly evolves into a ‘recreation nation’, what’s around us is trumping the perks of the property itself. So what it is really about for first time buyers and renters is location, location, location – and this is something developers and agents need to be aware of.

As a branding guru myself, I’ve learnt to understand that the importance of design is a crucial part of good management. The brand needs to communicate more than just the four walls. And it goes without saying that a better designed building will require less management, so design needs to be considered throughout each stage of the process. If you’ve met me, or even seen me, you’ll know about my love for bright colours, sparkle and glitter! These are an expression of my character and who I am. I think this idea of character is something that we need to translate into the language of property.

Ultimately, personality equates to profit, and there’s nothing appealing or enticing about ‘boring’. Your home is a reflection of your own personal character; so it really has to be as amazing and dazzling as you are!

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