Little Steve Finds Big Things

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Steve has just created a new Surrealist movement: the discovery of BIG things. This may sound like an unexceptional discovery but we know that when it comes to Steve, we should only ever expect the exceptional….

He recently came across a giant pink hairdryer that would have set him back £25,000. He also found a genetically modified rabbit that cost a staggering £2.4million. Steve can be extravagant, yes, but these are steps too far, even for him. So instead, Steve’s found an ingenuous way of being cost effective and wonderfully creative – he’s shrunk himself down (glasses and all) to the size of a Ken Doll and suddenly his hairdryer at home and his pet rabbit have become goldmines…

Life is all about perspective – seeing things in relation to other things, understanding that differences aren’t bad and realising that anything and everything is reachable no matter how distant they are to grasp. Steve understands this all too well.

So, without further ado, meet Little Steve Edge, founder of a new movement and lover of all things BIG.

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