Introducing The Ray, Farringdon

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We’re extremely pleased to be launching the website for The Ray. A new seven-storey development of office, studio and creative space, it stands on Farringdon Road.

Designed by AHMM architects, the building has been thoughtfully constructed to welcome natural light into the rooms, creating spaces that are awash with stretches of sunlight throughout the day.

This emphasis on light, and particularly the idea of light and shade, inspired our work on the brand for the building. Developers Viridis Real Estate granted us a welcome dose of creative freedom on the project, so we worked with the concept of light and shade across all applications.

When developing the website design, we studied the architectural model of the building, and began to sketch out the types of shadows and light patterns that would form as a result of the building’s architecture. We then worked these sketches up into web designs, and applied them across the site.

We built the site with an emphasis on playfulness and interaction, bringing The Ray experience to life for users. During the launch, we supported the client throughout the process, sending out HTMLs; we received great customer feedback as a result.

Take a look at The Ray, Farringdon website.

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