Introducing the Inaugural Members of the Outer Thinking Division

Outer Thinking Division
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Steve established the Outer Thinking Division to promote big thinking on our near and distant future. So it seems fitting that the first members of the Division are the very people who represent the future of our society. Yes, the inaugural members of the Outer Thinking Division are Phoebe, aged 10, Mayowa, aged 10, and Stella, aged 8, from Nightingale School in Hackney.

We recently welcomed the three of them, along with Headteacher Mrs Hopper, to our studio. They took part in a brainstorming session for their new school badge. They spoke eloquently, thought carefully and put forward highly engaging ideas on what their badge should stand for. Over the course of the session, they imparted more insight, truth and wisdom than we experience in the majority of our client meetings.

Steve was so impressed that he presented the three of them with their very own Outer Thinking Division badges; he also vowed to have them as part of his branding team by 2030.

Here’s to the future!

“Our whole school is delighted with the new logo. It represents the Nightingale ethos so well and has made such a big difference,” said Abigail Hopper, Headteacher.

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