HKA: the Story of a New Brand

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We have recently branded dispute solution company, HKA. In addition, we designed and built their new website.

HKA, formally an arm of Hill International, provide expert advisory and consulting services for the development of major projects, programmes and assets internationally.

We wanted to create a striking marque that encompassed their core values. While H and K refer to ‘Hill’ and ‘Knowles’ – the key brands that comprise HKA – the A represents the other four Associates that make up the company. The letters also link to the Advice and Answers that HKA uncover for their clients.

The forward chevron arrow symbolises HKA’s progressive quality and forward-thinking nature, as they exceed expectations every time. It also references the positive direction they are headed in.

HKA’s new website boasts a fully responsive design that seamlessly reacts to various screen sizes ensuring functionality from Mac to mobile. It is simple yet dynamic and easy to navigate on all platforms.

The graphic device on the Homepage explains HKA’s core offerings in a vibrant way.

The site, now live, uses striking colours and sleek typography to create a coherent, stylish effect.

Visit the HKA website here.

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