From Russia with Love Steve Edge Salmon Fishing Expedition

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When Steve was invited to join a team of people on a once in a lifetime fishing expedition that would take him into the depths of Russia, he simply couldn’t refuse.

The first phase of Steve’s mission took him over the Northern Rhines, to a spot beside the Kola Peninsular and on the cusp of the Arctic. Having flown from London to Helsinki in the dark hours of the morning, he caught another plane that transported him to Murmansk. This brought him another step closer to his final destination. With a small group of fellow fisherman, Steve travelled in a helicopter for the next stage. Soon, they arrived at a place that at first glance seemed like the middle of nowhere…

This place had land that looked like moonscape and weather more indecisive than our own. And it was was exactly where Steve’s turbulent journey was meant to end. Or, as he saw it, to begin.

Waterfalls and rivers

When Steve reached the Kharlovka River, he felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of it. Flanked on either side by wild waterfalls that fed into raging rivers, he marvelled at the unspoiled waters; he also wondered at all that swam beneath it. Apart from the amazing team that helped Steve along on his expedition, incredible creatures such as eagles, reindeers, wolverines and brown bears were the river’s only other regular residents. The weather was just as astonishing – one moment it was nearing minus degrees and the next it was mosquito madness! This taught Steve that the only way to truly prepare for an experience like this one was to prepare for the unexpected.

It really was a true fisherman’s river and Steve couldn’t wait to get started! He was eager to get to the bottom of the age-old rumour that it housed salmon as big as crocodiles. And although this did turn out to be a mere old wives tale, that the Kharlovka River was the best and only place to catch salmon was a fact through and through! Assisted by Justin and Vladimir, Steve managed to land the biggest salmon he’s ever caught. And he’s even got photo evidence to prove it!

For Steve, this wasn’t just the trip of a lifetime; it was the ultimate experience of a lifetime, too. And he couldn’t have embarked on this amazing experience without the kindness and generosity of the team at Farlows and The Atlantic Salmon Reserve.

It seems a week in Russia wasn’t quite enough for Steve who is already planning his return trip next year. But the glory of landing his winning salmon, the amazing memories he formed and the friendships he kindled will sustain him until then.

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