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It was a number of years ago now that Fortnum and Mason first contacted Edge Design.
Way back in 1995, Steve received a phone call. A posh, old sounding voice came on the line.

“Hello,” it said. “Is this Steve Edge?”
Steve, sceptical at first, said it was.
The voice went on to say that the managing director of Fortnum and Mason wanted to speak to him.
The next voice was that of the bubbly and charming Mr Hamilton.
“Steve Edge,” he said. “You have been highly recommended. I wonder if you would come and help us?”
“Of course,” Steve agreed. “May I just ask you one question?”
Mr Hamilton said he could.
“What is your first name?” Steve asked.
“Gerry,” Mr Hamilton replied.
Steve, as chatty and informal back then as he is now, asked “can I call you Gerry?”
“I’d prefer it if you didn’t,” came the reply.
“In that case, Gerry, I’ll call you Mr Hamilton.”

The front cover of that year’s Fortnum and Mason Christmas catalogue was delicately hand-painted by Steve himself using gouache paint for a festive, illuminated page. It marked the beginning of a very close friendship and Steve and Mr Hamilton have now worked together for over a decade.

These days, not only is Steve allowed to call Mr Hamilton ‘Gerry’, he can even call him ‘H’.

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