Essential Living Launches in Archway

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We have been working with Essential Living for several years, creating and developing their brand across various collateral.

The marque we created for them is timeless, recognisable and communicates the core values that make up their brand identity. The colours yellow and black brand colours are truly memorable; once seen, they can never be forgotten.

The yellow floor plan represents a room with an open door; this is both a literal nod towards their property-centred business and symbolically emblematic of the welcoming nature of the company. And it’s no coincidence that the shape of the marque is characteristic of the first letter, ‘E’, of the company name; this is a symbolic allusion to the beginning of a renter’s journey with Essential Living. We further developed this idea through the creation of their tag line, ‘Welcome to the Future of Renting’, which reflects their innovative offering.

London’s rental market is fast evolving. So we knew Essential Living would have to be a truly super brand; it needed to embody a lifestyle choice that people would want to become a part of. Knowing this, we were driven to challenge conventions. We pushed the boundaries when it came to the creation of their website, hoarding, brochures and even their customer contracts.

Creating the website

As the digital age has progressed so drastically in recent years, the creation of the Essential Living websites was perhaps the most important stage of the launch process.

We had to tailor the websites specifically to a PRS audience as the core users. By carefully gathering information about their evolving needs,we were able to implement the result of our research into a modern and functional web design. The User Experience was an integral part of the design process; it was paramount that the finished product be aesthetically pleasing as well as accessible across all platforms and devices while retaining the standard of usability.

We created the corporate website with an amalgamation of users in mind, functioning as an over-arching hub of the brand. While offering a doorway to prospective tenants, it also hosts information on potential careers at Essential Living as well as core company information. As ever, brand consistency was key when creating the websites and both sites work together in harmony.

We are very excited about the launch of Essential Living’s brand and the unveiling of their first development, Vantage Point. This amazing brand is truly going from strength to strength.

Visit the Essential Living website.

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