Cheers to the Acid Edge!

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Steve Edge has had many things named after him – five children and a wife for starters. After that came the lake and then a beautiful horse, who was as wonderfully fun and high-spirited as his namesake! Then, in 2013 the oldest restaurant in London, Rules, launched ‘The Edge’ cocktail in honour of one of their best, most long standing customers – Steve even has his own table there and his photo on the wall above it!

Naming drinks after Steve seems to have become a trend as his dear friend and founder of Hix restaurants, Mark Hix, has recently created the ‘Acid Edge’ – a delicious concoction of flavours fit for a true prophet, madman and wanderer!

The drink itself is delectable – sweet and sharp with a true edge. Once you’ve had your first, you won’t be able to get enough.

We hope you have chance to sample the ‘Acid Edge’ over the festive season.


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