Beyond Grey & Black: Steve’s Favoured Finery

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Anyone who knows Steve will know that he lives by the mantra: “Dress for a party every day, and the party will come to you.” True to form, Steve won’t be seen in anything but the finest of garbs.

His passion for splendour stems from the 18th century tradition of dandyism, in which men would take great pride in their physical appearance, splashing out on the latest trends and finest threads. One of the earliest dandies and one of Steve’s personal heroes was Beau Brummell, who pioneered men’s fashion in Regency England and supposedly spent an indulgent five hours getting ready each day.

Although Steve doesn’t take quite as much time preening himself each morning, he always strives to buck the monotony of grey and black, bringing some welcome colour to the streets of London. His most recent acquisition is a midnight blue floral number from the independent tailor Favourbrook, who are set to open flagship menswear and womenswear stores on Pall Mall later this month.

Steve’s fondness for the flamboyant, his love for the eye-catching, his penchant for the unconventional extends to every aspect of his life. Whether it’s through his wardrobe or his work, he is always looking to spread happiness and joy through colour and design.

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