Place Marketing

"Every place has a story to tell, a story to celebrate its people, its culture, its past, present and future, a story that tells the world what it stands for."

Much like businesses, places have their own set of values and characteristics. It is these attributes that give a place its own unique personality. Just as a business has a distinct visual and verbal identity, it’s important that a place successfully communicates its individual personality to the wider world.

Working with existing stakeholders, we help to draw out what it is that gives a place its unique personality. Whether the story of a place lies in its history, its culture, its economic opportunities, or a combination of these factors, we create a compelling narrative, a distinct identity and a comprehensive brand that tells this story to a variety of audiences, from current and prospective residents to visitors, tourists and investors.

Once the positioning and identity has been established, we draw up a place marketing strategy. This involves tailoring campaigns and messages according to the audience, before deploying these campaigns across a range of channels, from physical signage and print to digital and social media.