Steve’s Bio

Steve Edge was raised in a hard-working family with two siblings and a pet chimpanzee. His father worked in Smithfield Meat Market, but was also an abstract sculptor and animal trainer. Steve undoubtedly inherited this creativity, and a bag of glitter, magic markers and plastic scissors have been his fundamentals for happiness since he was four years old.

Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, art and design became the way Steve expressed himself. At 15 he won the European Artist of the Year competition, catching the eye of one of London’s top design agencies who offered him a job as a result. Steve later spent a while working on films, including Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark with George Lucas.

In 1982 Steve established his own agency, Edge Design. Since then he has worked with some of the best-known names in the country, including Cartier, Dior, Skanska, Fortnum and Mason, Hamleys, Purdey Gun and Rifle Makers, and Essential Living. Steve believes that storytelling is key to successful branding. He works closely with clients to understand what makes them unique and incorporates this into the big idea behind the design.

These days, Steve is also well known for his eccentric dress sense and passion for fishing. He is a recognised public speaker, delivering inspiring talks at a variety of international events, including DO Lectures and TEDx, on why we should choose lateral over literal and inspiration over information.

Steve Edge - Steve Edge Design
Steve Edge - Steve Edge Design